The first thing that comes to my mind when we start our search for a new home is, the home we have always dreamed of …Beautiful, big, spacious, lavish, just like a  big movie set.

And when we start our search with such mindset the property that we list down,mostly ends going out of our budget and  to fulfill our desire to own a big dream home we start working day and night,on weekends, holidays, take  all kind of pressure and stress with absolutely no time for our family and make our life hell.

Let me ask you this, is this the kind of life you have dream off and is it worth. I believe you can own your dream home without taking so much stress about how big or small your house is. Because being an interior architect and with years of experience and completing hundreds of projects I know that by keeping few points in mind and with simple home decor ideas we can make any home our dream home.

5 important tips for small homes

1.Proper spaceplaning.

you can make your small space look elegant and beautiful just by doing a proper space planning, which I believe is not a rocket science and can be done just with the help of pen and a paper .you just need the provided space to be measured and fit in items you wanted so that it look’s in proportion. Here are some spaceplane tips for a small home

  • Try to keep a balance between furniture and space.
  • Try to keep a proper walking space and easy access to all usable stuff.
  • Make your space look good by maximising vertical storage.

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2.Storage ideas for small spaces.

The biggest problem that we face in small Homes is Storage and due to lack of understanding the kind of furniture we should use, we. overdo furnishing and end up making our home look cluttered.so here what I suggest you, find space saving furniture. Here are some storage tips for small homes

  • Try to find furniture that can be multi-used.
  • Go for storage beds to store away all bulky items.
  • Try using floating shelves and wall mounted cabinets for storage purpose.
  • Use corner space, add corner shelves or beautiful wall units.

5 Piece Baxter Dining Set

3.Right color combination.

Colours can play a very important role in making a house look spacious, beautiful, bright and full of energy, which is so important to spend quality and maximum time with your family and loved ones. so to have a right color combination for your home I always suggest to

  • Do a little bit of research on colors to understand the color concept.
  • Combine the colors that give a meaning to your lifestyle and suits your mood.
  • Try to pick the colors which bring the best feeling and set the mood of the room.
  • choose bright colors for small space to make the room look more spacious.
  • Go for cool colors for bedrooms as it creates a relaxing atmosphere.

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4.Lights for pleasing ambiance.

Light is one of the most important aspects of life and it also has scientifically proven an effect on our mind, emotions, and decision making. As sunlight help us feel more energetic and lively, a good indoor lighting system can help us feel happier and more connected to your home and family. It also helps to make a small space look more spacious and beautiful. There is a different kind of lighting system within which one needs to select the right one according to space. For example.

  • Task lighting.
  • Accent lighting.
  • Ambient lighting.
  • Aesthetic lighting.
  • Wall Washer.
  • Floodlighting
  • Spotlighting.

All these lighting systems have their own effects and need to be used as per requirement and Desire for your Residence.

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5. Give Personal Touch to your home.

I believe our residence reflects our identity and personality, so to add a little more character to our home we should always decor some part of our home with our self-made stuff as a signature.

  • Decorate a wall with your family Photographs.
  • Use handmade painting and handicrafts.
  • Hand painted the wall.
  • Light made off old remaining


This helps you get more connected to your home and make you feel happier.

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