Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. why interior designing is important ?

Interior designing is one of the important aspects of any home, it adds charm and style, and makes a space look beautiful, functional, and stylist which reflects your Personality And taste.
Despite any size, big or small, if space is properly designed, every aspect of that space like furniture, lighting, paint, and style everything can be brought to scale and theme, making that space look pleasing to the eye.
Interior designing is all about space planning by selecting the right products as per the space constraints and clients’ requirements by keeping a proper alignment, adding ambient lighting, correct color selection, functionality, comfort, and sense of personal style to space.
Interior designing is all about artistry, grace, style, and functionality that bring comfort and happiness to one’s life.

2. How to interior design a house?

To plan the interior of a house, firstly we need to have the floor plan with the correct dimensions and the measurement to understand the space.

After having the correct floor plan, we need to pick up the theme and the style of our home.

Then we should go for the 3D designing of the space to visualize the project and select the products and material accordingly.

Once we are satisfied with the 3d- design, then we should go for the further implementation of the project.

3. How to interior design a small living room ?

For the small living room, we need to keep in mind a few things to make the small room look more spacious and beautiful. Use more light and neutral colors that would make the room look spacious. Choose the right furniture that can be multiply used to save space. Use more vertical space. Go for beautiful artwork for the wall decoration.

4. how to interior design a small house?

To design a small House interior first thing is that, we should go for Proper space planning and choose a theme that suits your taste.
Then we should select the wall color wisely as it is the most important aspect of any space.
Choose furniture that goes great with space and adds up an adorable look to space And at the same time doesn’t make the space look clumsy
Use beautiful wall arts, tiles, and other accessories which will enhance the beauty. Adding Interior plants can make the home look more lively and pleasing. special care should be taken care of all end walls and dark corners.

5. how to interior design a bedroom?

To design a bedroom interior, we need to do space planning first and accordingly select the right size bed for the room.
For small bedrooms, we should go for the storage bed which will save the storage space in the room.
We should plan the wardrobes in such a way that it doesn’t use up much space in the room and look classy.
The color of the room should be chosen wisely so that it gives a very relaxing and comforting feeling.
Use beautiful wall arts, wallpaper, tiles, and other accessories to enhance up the look of your bedroom.
Go for beautiful false ceilings and lights in the room which creates a beautiful ambiance in the room.

6. How much does interior design cost?

There are different ways interior designers charge their clients.
In India few common practices are,
1. Charging on per square feet rate.
2. Charging on a percentage basis.
3. Charging for designing and supervision.

7.How to interior design a small kitchen?

There are different kinds of kitchen designs. Like l shape, u shape, Parul kitchen, Island kitchen, kitchen with breakfast counter.
So as per the space kitchen should be designed, keeping few important points in mind like should be comfortable while cooking, easy access to important places, like sink and storage, easy to maintain and clean.
One more very point is to keep a proper scale of all the storage And right color selection and lighting so that spending long hours cooking in the kitchen should be joyful and fun. As it is One of the most important parts of the house which keeps the house healthy, lively and energetic.

8. what are interior design services?

Interior services for both Residential and Commercial spaces.
-Space planning.
-Furniture Planning.
-Electrical and Plumbing.
-2d and 3d pans.
-Theme creation
-Light Plan.
-solving problems as per client requirements.
-supervision of proper plan execution.

9. what are interior design styles?

Some of the most common interior design styles are Modern Interior design style, Contemporary Interior design style, Minimalist Interior design style, Industrial Interior design style, Traditional Interior design style, Transitional Interior design style, and Rustic Interior design style,
And many more..

10.What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer for your home?

Hiring an interior designer will make your home look more planned, classy, and functional.
Interior designers will help you with the best use of your space.
Interior designers will get you the best possible look that suits your taste and style.
You will get a professional assessment of the planning and execution of the project.
Interior experts will provide you the best product in your budget.
Overall it’s value for money.

11.What if I want only my kitchens and wardrobes designed & implemented?

Yes, You can get the modular kitchen and wardrobe designed and implemented without getting the interiors for a full home.

12.Can I see the product specifications during the Customization stage?

Yes, all the product and material specifications will be shown to you in the customization stage.

13.Do you provide detailed drawings at the time of customization?

yes, we provide the detailed 2D and 3d design at the time of customization and we move further step after your satisfaction and acceptance of the plan.

14.How much time do you require to get my kitchen units once I place the order?

Once you place your order we take 2 weeks. to deliver you the Kitchen unit.

15.How long it takes to complete our project take?

To complete a 2 and 3 Bhk project takes around 45days.

16.How Can I customize and personalize the 3D design?

We help you with customizing and personalizing the 3d design to understand your taste and requirements.

17.What happens after I have selected a theme?

Once you have selected a theme, our interior team will plan and implement the things in your 3d Presentation And Show how it goes with your space.

18.How do I get started with Interior Design?

Interior designing includes the steps of planning, designing, and execution.
Book your consultation with our interior expert once you make up your mind and approaching an Interior designer at an advanced stage is more beneficial. Then your interiors will be planned designed, and executed by the interior team as the way you want them to be.

19.When is a good time to start thinking about Interior Design for my newly bought home?

Once you have bought your new home, it’s the best time to start with interior designing. Approaching an Interior designer at an advanced stage is more beneficial.

20.What are different specialization in interior designing ?

° Residential interiors
° commercial interiors
• Retail design
• interior design consultancy services
• lightning design
• space planning consultant
• Exhibit Design
• set design.

20.What are different specialization in interior designing ?

° Residential interiors
° commercial interiors
• Retail design
• interior design consultancy services
• lightning design
• space planning consultant
• Exhibit Design
• set design.

What are interior designing services ?

• Interior design consultations
• civil wok
• space planning and space management
• preparation of floor plans
•Theme creation
• Different type of ceiling work
• product and material sourcing
° Painting and polishing
° wall cover and wallpaper installation
• Furnishing work
• flooring work
All kind of fixture works
• furniture layout and placement designs
• colour palette selection
• Room make overs
• modular kitchen – planning , designing, customisation, installation
• acoustics and lighting planning
• site inspection
• remodeling and installation

Difference between designer and decorator?

Interior designer works closely with architects to design the interior space and have a good amount of experience within the construction field.
Interior decorators furnish the space with beautiful or fashionable things while working within its functionality.

Interior designer apply creative and technical solutions within a structure that are functional attractive and useful to the owner quality of life and his culture.
In short , Interior designer may decorate but decorator do not design

Who is a commercial interior designer?

The commercial interior designers is the person who is specelize in commercial and retail interiors and will create design and direct the interior design process for any commercial space,such as restaurants, retail spaces, or offices.

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