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3 BHK house for Mr. Ashwin.



We at Utopia have always tried to give better than our best in the urge of becoming sublime Architects firm known For Constructing the best independent house in Bangalore.
Yet another 3BHK house designed and developed by Utopia for Mr. Ashwin located in North Bangalore, very close to Devanahalli.
As per our client’s requirement, we have tried to provide a home which looks very close and connected to nature and with a lot of ventilation.
On the ground floor, we have designed a double ceiling for direct sunlight sources and a garden with a fountain in the center of the living room to give it a touch of living close to nature. Open kitchen with island and spacious dining area with big log dining table. Guest bedroom on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the first floor and two spaces common sitting areas in the form of a living and Library on both the floors. The terrace has been designed with a glass cover top that can give a complete view of the sky with a lot of Creepers to make it look more closer to nature. Ambient lighting with proper sitting arrangements so that the family can spend quality time together make this house wonderful and unique in its way and that what makes our clients happy.

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