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3 BHK Villa project for Mr ready located in Whitefield.

Utopia with the dream to become one of the best civil contractors and architects in Bangalore, delivered yet another elegant and beautiful 4 BHK Villa for Mr.T.Reddy.
Our experienced team Of Architects has come up with this wonderful design where we meet our client’s requirements, which have been discussed in detail at the beginning of the project.
This wonderful Villa has been designed on a 60×80 site where the ground floor has been designed with an idea where the family can spend a lot of quality time together in the living room along with a big open kitchen with a breakfast counter along with island kitchen and wonderful dining space with a great view towards the lawn and lots and lots of sunlight for positive energy coming within this area. The first floor was designed with an idea of a private library along with two bedrooms and the second floor was designed with an idea of the big master bedroom and multimedia room. The terrace was designed with a personal gym and party hall and open terrace garden with glass rooftop cover for sitting along with multi-purpose ambient lighting to spend lots of quality time together.
Our Architects have kept every small detail in mind while designing every corner of the space. The terrace has been designed with lots of greenery, fountain, and ambient lighting as per the client’s requirement where they can spend quality time together.



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