What do we do?

We design elegant and utopia interiors & exteriors for residential, official & commercial buildings. The idea is not just to make sure that jaws drop when you invite your friends for party; but our constant endeavor is to deliver to you a concept, a space that will become a permanent source of positive energy and enthusiasm. Ancient gurus weren’t wrong when they wrote down guidelines such as Feng-Shui and Vaastu. So, we believe that what is beautiful for one might not be even ‘okay’ for another. Interior designing is not just to impress your guests but also to ensure that when every morning you wake up; it convinces you to stay at home one more minute; and when you’re away from home, it makes you want to come back. That’s what we do.

Why are we motivated?

This is our passion. We love designing beautiful homes that would be remembered forever. We love doing this over and over again. Being a small team of friends and professional colleagues at the same time, a lot of bureaucratic noise is avoided. Things happen faster and we work many times faster than any other interior design company. We are fresh blood; and we need newer challenges on a daily basis to get our day going. We are in the constant lookout of clients who say ‘I want an interior which has never been done before’. Because that’s one tough job to do; be it any field. And that’s exactly what we aim to achieve in every project we undertake.

What is Architecture and what is an Architect?

"Architecture can be described as habitable sculpture, capable of providing shelter and amenity; it is simultaneously a science and art form combined in a physical structure. Utopia Interiors & Architects is not just concerned with buildings but with improving the built environment as a whole. We are creative individuals, using materials, technology, light, shade and colour to create and manipulate volume. Our Architects are also technically focused by necessity, applying pragmatic approaches to the construction of structures. An Architect is a professional who is registered under the Architect’s Act with the Board of Architects of each Australian State or Territory. In accordance with the Architect’s Act of each State only those who are registered with the Board may use the term and call themselves an “Architect”."

What are the benefits of using an Architect?

Architects can save people many thousands of dollars with good design and add considerable value to residential and commercial property as it can be sold or leased as "architect designed". This is what we train for so many years to do. Utopia Architects considers the effective use of a Client’s capital a core attribute and it is front-of-mind in all that we do.

What is the Concept of a Modular Kitchen, and its advantages?

Modular Kitchen is a range of cabinets, fixtures and accessories which are put together in a systematic and planned manner to make the day to day tasks in the kitchen tasks easier. They are usually designed to meet the individual’s requirements as per the space availability in ones home. Cleaning and repairs of any part of modular kitchen can be done with ease. Clutter-free space is there and it is possible to easily work in the area Modular kitchen is custom built and comes in such a variety of colors and designs and according to the individuals taste and which lends a great appeal to your interior decoration and overall ambience. The latest on kitchens is that it is replacing the living room! It is a style statement.

What is the Maintenance needed for a modular kitchen ?

Maintenance of a modular kitchen is very easy and not time consuming. Maintenance is more trouble free as compared to the normal carpenter made kitchens.

Is it Possible to renovate our existing kitchen?

Yes, it is possible to renovate. The existing old kitchens can be renovated with the new kitchen, the cabinets can be customized to suit existing dimensions.

What style of houses do you design?

Our client’s utopia and subjective preferences dictate the style of our houses we design. Furthermore each site is an influencing factor in the style of house. The truth is we design houses with our client. It is a very collaborative approach. Some clients say “I have no idea what style I like, I just want it functional and well designed”. Most people do have a particular utopia preference. Our Architects’ step by step process will bring this utopia preference to the fore.

What are the advantages in commissioning Aesthetic Architects for your next project?

We deliver on promises made to our Clients. Our personable approach to managing our projects is set by the Directors and is embodied in the daily practice of all of our staff. We attend to your queries in a timely fashion and pride ourselves on the successful delivery at every stage of a design/documentation/construction process. Our aim is to ensure all of our Clients feel that their project is given the necessary time and due consideration by our team. We want you to enjoy the process as much as we do. Above all else, we want you to live, work, play, relax, concentrate, train or study in your new building, confident in the fact that your aspirations set out in our initial meetings have been satisfied in the final built form.

How long will the process take?

This is difficult to answer, as each project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. There is no rule of thumb when it comes to estimating project completion time. However, one of the critical first steps is to discuss our Client’s requirements for project completion dates. We can work backwards from this position, based on our experience, to estimate times for each of our service stages. The initial project brief document will outline a proposed design, documentation and construction programme.

Why should you hire us?

"We believe we’ve already given you enough reasons to hire us. It is not just about the quality of service and the design we deliver to you at the end of the day; but also the experience that we both will cherish. We are fun to work with. We understand that getting your home ready to occupy is your highest priority and is usually a cause for your tension. We make sure that you don’t feel that way at all. We don’t overwhelm you with all there is to know about interiors; instead, we listen and understand and give you valuable feedback and suggestions.
Here are a few things we keep in mind when you hire us to design your decor : i) Theme Based Approach, ii) Face to Face Discussions & iii) Transparent Methodology.
i) Theme Based Approach
Every design can have a unique theme. We deliver to you a concept that would be based on a theme that you choose. Themes could be based on a set of colors, or places, events etc. Having a theme not only enables us to have a better idea about what you expect; but also will help you further in choosing variety of add-ons to your home/office.
ii) Face to Face Discussions
Nothing beats a face to face interaction. Thus, whenever there is a chance, we ensure that a sit-down discussion happens as it removes the need of hundreds of calls and wasted time. Of course, this is done during your convenience hours.
iii) Transparent Methodology
Our methodology, which is not so hard to understand, keeps us bound to the timeline and responsible to our clients. Our methods are completely transparent, and you will always know where we stand and what we mean anytime during the project."

What do I do if I have any questions?

Please feel free to contact our office and speak to XYZ(Director) or, if you prefer, email your enquiry to us at info@utopiagroup.org. We will contact you and, if appropriate, organise a time for you to come in to discuss your project idea. We don’t charge for your first visit to us, we just look forward to meeting you. If you like our approach and would like to move forward with us, then we can discuss the basis of our partnership.